Unattended Death Clean Up

Before you attempt to clean an unattended death scene, speak with a trained & certified Sydney Forensic Cleaning technician. We have trained personnel standing by 24 hours a day to answer your questions. As a specialised death scene cleaning business, we can remediate any home, business, boat, or vehicle affected by blood, bodily fluids, odour and bacterial contaminates throughout Sydney and regional New South Wales


Sydney Forensic Cleaning is the industry leader in unattended death clean ups and post death remediation’s in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong and regional New South Wales.
When an unattended death occurs, it is of the up-most importance that trained Unattended Death Clean Up technicians’ complete decontamination and remediation in order to protect the current and any future occupants of the property. One of the most challenging and grim situations forensic cleaning technicians can face is an unattended death clean, where a person dies and isn’t found for weeks or even months. If left untreated, even the smallest amount of biological material may lead to serious physical damage within the home. Airborne bacteria cause lingering odours that, in addition to being unpleasant, can impact both the safety and well being of future occupants.

In the case of an unattended death clean up, the human body begins to decay only 15 minutes after the heart stops beating, and if left for day or weeks, widespread contamination will occur in the property including body fluid seepage into the flooring, walls, sub-flooring and furnishings. Additionally, an infestation of insects such as flies and cockroaches will occur and lay their eggs in and around the decomposing body which in turn, speeds up the decomposition process.

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Unattended Death Clean Ups involve the removal of any affected furnishings and structural elements of the property including couches, mattresses, carpets and curtains, disinfection of any affected surfaces using specialised microbial agents that work on the molecular level to neutralise any harmful pathogens and bacteria.
The team of Unattended Death Clean Up technicians from Sydney Forensic Cleaning are trained to successfully decontaminate and remediate all areas in the property which are contaminated including grout, cement, wood flooring and other surfaces and will work to eliminate any odour causing bacteria by utilising specialised Hydroxol and Ozone technology.


Sydney Forensic Cleaning teams are fully insured, experienced biohazard remediation and death cleaning specialists who wear personal protective equipment and follow approved safety and disinfection procedures to help return the scene to a safe, clean state. If required, we will remove personal property and affected structural elements such as flooring, and dispose according to biohazard regulations.
If you’re faced with the overwhelming task of an unattended death clean up, don’t risk potential health issues and mental stress, contact Sydney Forensic Cleaning to discuss your needs with one of our compassionate and discreet Unattended Death Clean Up technicians today.


The team at Sydney Forensic Cleaning understand the importance of discretion and professionalism and all of our staff have been trained to ensure that our work is conducted in an appropriate manner to ensure the minimum disruption while delivering a first class forensic cleaning service.
To arrange your free no obligation quotation, simply contact Sydney Forensic Cleaning and one of our friendly team will ensure that you get the forensic cleaning service you need at the most competitive price. Unattended death scene cleaning & decontamination services Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong and regional New South Wales


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