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Meth lab cleaning services by industry experts. Sydney Forensic Cleaning in conjunction with Meth Lab Cleaner Australia can assist with any meth related cleaning and testing services throughout Sydney, Newcastle and regional NSW


The illegal manufacture of methamphetamine and ice involves the use of volatile, corrosive and highly toxic chemicals that can leave dangerous and potentially life-threatening chemical residue in the structure long after the cooking process is complete. When the cooking process takes place, methamphetamine becomes airborne both as a particular and a vapour. It is able to absorb into furniture, floors, walls, clothing, furnishings and children’s toys. Exposure to these harmful chemicals used in the production of meth can cause a multitude of health issues, children and the elderly are will often be the most affected by these dangerous chemicals. Contact to high levels of the chemicals used in the production of methamphetamine has been linked to serious illness, cancer and even death.


The proper remediation and decontamination of a property contaminated by meth residue can be nearly impossible without the appropriate training and qualifications to ensure a successful remediation. At Sydney Forensic Cleaning, we specialise in all aspects of Meth Lab Clean Up and we provide a prompt and effective meth lab testing and meth lab remediation service including clearance certificate.


Although meth is not visible to the eye, and can only be detected by laboratory sampling or instant testing kits; there are some tell-tallying signs that meth is being produced of consuming within a property. The following items and behavior can indicate meth use and a contaminated property:

  • Needles, syringes or sharps containers
  • Empty Drug bags (baggies)
  • Burnt and/or bent spoons
  • Foul chemical odour coming from a property as a result of mixing chemicals and cooking meth
  • An excess of visitors coming to a house and staying for a very short period (indicative of drug dealing)
  • Dead spots in the backyard from dumping chemicals
  • Extensive security measures to increase privacy
  • Occupants that a secretive and unfriendly

Further information on SIGNS OF A METH LAB

Signs of meth/ice usage


The proper cleanup and decontamination of a property contaminated by meth residue can be nearly impossible without the appropriate training and qualifications to ensure a successful remediation. At Sydney Forensic Cleaning, we specialise in all aspects of meth lab cleaning & provide a prompt and effective meth lab cleanup service from start to finish. Having been in the meth lab cleanup business from day one, our experience, knowledge and cleaning procedures are second to none.


Sydney Forensic Cleaning provides a comprehensive meth lab cleanup and decontamination service across Sydney, Newcastle and regional New South Wales.

Step 1: Testing for meth residue:
Preliminary meth residue testing is crucial and will significantly reduce costs associated in the remediation process by singling out contaminated areas only and the automatic discarding of any furnishings or materials too contaminated to be cleaned.

Step 2: Remediation Action Plan:
Once the level of meth residue have been tested, we are able to use the results to create an effective cleanup plan or RAP (remediation action plan). As the level of meth contamination can vary so significantly between properties, so can the RAP. To further discuss the meth residue testing of cleanup process, contact Sydney Forensic Cleaning today.

Following a stringent and methodical proven process, our meth lab cleaning up technicians are able to effectively clean and decontaminate properties contaminated by the cooking or smoking of meth.

The post-forensic test and validation for re-habitation is a crucial step of the decontamination process. The property will be re-tested and samples sent to an independent laboratory for analysis to ensure the cleaning and decontamination process has been successful.

If you are living in a property once used as a meth lab or are concerned you property has been contamination with meth reside, contact the team of specialised and experienced meth lab clean up technicians for a hassle free and discreet discussion with a certified meth lab remediation technician.

The team at Sydney Forensic Cleaning understand the importance of discretion and professionalism and all of our staff have been trained to ensure that our work is conducted in an appropriate manner to ensure the minimum disruption while delivering a first class forensic cleaning service.
To arrange your free no obligation quotation, simply contact Sydney Forensic Cleaning and one of our friendly team will ensure that you get the forensic cleaning service you need at the most competitive price.


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Meth residue is not visible and cannot be detected without testing via a laboratory swab or performing a instant meth check.

Meth testing kits are a in-expensive way to test your home or rental property for meth residue. Perform a pre purchase meth inspection with these easy to use DIY Meth Residue Test.

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