Sewage Clean Up

Sydney Forensic Cleaning provide trained and certified Sewage Clean Up experts who have the skills and knowledge to successfully and promptly remediate any sewage or water leak, backflow or spill across Sydney and New South Wales.


The prospect of a Sewage Clean Up can be a daunting and overwhelming situation that almost anyone can face. If not treated properly and promptly, delaying the start of a Sewage Clean Up can create a high biohazard risk if not decontaminated and remediated as fast as possible. It is known that a sewage backup or sewage leak is an unwanted, and often disgusting problem. The thought of your home being inundated with filthy, disease-ridden waste materials is unsettling to say the least. When a sewage leakage occurs in your home or business, Sydney Forensic Cleaning understands you want an immediate and effective response. Sewage Clean Ups and water damage is caused by many sources such as heavy rain, burst pipes, blocked drains and inoperable sewage systems. Sewage Clean Ups must be treated as a priority and clean up must occur as soon as possible. If left unmediated, after 48 hours many personal belongings, furnishings and structural elements including flooring, walling and carpets will not be salvageable.

Sewage Cleanup Services
Forensic Cleaning Technicians


A sewage leak or spill can occur for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons a sewage leak occurs is due to an obtrusion blocking the main piping in your home from city pipes. Other reasons can be due to plant matter and roots blocking the pipes, structural damage to the pipes or a build up of grease, hair or garbage in the pipes. Our team of specialised Sewage Clean Up technicians have the relevant training, extensive on-the-job experience and will utilise the latest state of the art innovative equipment and remediation techniques to confirm a successful Sewage Clean Up in Sydney and New South Wales every time.


No matter what the reason, it is important to have sewage clean up specialist access the level of contamination and provide a prompt remediation service to prevent any further secondary damage. Sydney Forensic Cleaning will work as fast as possible to immediately assess the damage and will submit a damage report and quotation which includes a complete inventory of all damaged items, damage assessment and will commence the work immediately upon authorisation to ensure a fast and effective Sewage Clean Up. For more detailed information on the sewage clean up services offered in Sydney and regional NSW visit Sewage Cleaning Australia

Maintaining our clients’ privacy is a fundamental part of our Forensic Cleaning operations at Sydney Forensic Cleaning. An important goal of our Forensic Cleaning technicians is to provide a sensitive, discreet and compassionate service to every one of our clients.
If you require a Forensic Clean, please don’t hesitate to contact Sydney Forensic Cleaning for a confidential discussion so we can help to decontaminate and remediate your property.

The team at Sydney Forensic Cleaning understand the importance of discretion and professionalism and all of our staff have been trained to ensure that our work is conducted in an appropriate manner to ensure the minimum disruption while delivering a first class forensic cleaning service.To arrange your free no obligation quotation, simply contact Sydney Forensic Cleaning and one of our friendly team will ensure that you get the forensic cleaning service you need at the most competitive price.


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