Sydney Forensic Cleaning is the leading Forensic Cleaning and Trauma Cleaning company in Sydney. A forensic clean is required after law enforcement are finished their investigation at a crime scene. Forensic Cleaning must be completed by extensively trained and experienced Forensic Cleaning specialists to ensure all biohazard and pathogens are removed and the property is safe for re-habitation. A highly specialised cleaning discipline, forensic cleaning requires job specific training, in-depth insight and awareness of risks associated with the affected area to all parties. Forensic Cleaning is required when a crime scene or incident scene involves the clean up and remediation of a scene when there has been trauma or death caused by unattended death, homicides, suicides or a mass fatality.

Forensic Cleaning Services
Forensic Cleaning Technicians

The comprehensive Forensic Cleaning services provided by Sydney Forensic Cleaning includes:

  • Removal of contaminated items for safe disposal – we utilise a microbial neutralising cleaning solution of all items removed from the property to ensure any bio-hazard or pathogens are not spread to non-contaminated areas
  • Cleaning and treating of contaminated surfaces – once the affected areas is free of furnishings, personal belongings and the like, we clean and treat all surfaces with a microbial neutralising cleaning solution to sanitise all surfaces
  • Report detailing all personal belongings that could not be salvaged
  • Forensic Cleaning Clearance Certificates

Trained & Experienced Forensic Cleaning Technicians

The team of Forensic Cleaning technicians from Sydney Forensic Cleaning are trained to successfully decontaminate and remediate all areas in the property which are contaminated including grout, cement, wood flooring and other surfaces and will work to eliminate any odour causing bacteria by utilising specialised Hydroxol and Ozone technology.
It is essential that the correct decontamination, removal & disposal procedures be adhered to in order to avoid any further contamination within or outside of the forensic scene itself. Sydney Forensic Cleaning carries out documented risk assessments prior to beginning any job and continues to document all processes from initial decontamination through to the correct removal & disposal of any bio-hazardous waste or potentially infectious materials.

Maintaining our clients’ privacy is a fundamental part of our Forensic Cleaning operations at Sydney Forensic Cleaning. An important goal of our Forensic Cleaning technicians is to provide a sensitive, discreet and compassionate service to every one of our clients.
If you require a Forensic Clean, please don’t hesitate to contact Sydney Forensic Cleaning for a confidential discussion so we can help to decontaminate and remediate your property.


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