The Emotional Job of Clearing Out a Deceased Estate

Dealing with the daunting task of organising the affairs and clearance of a family or friend who has passed away is a troublesome and emotional time. Sydney Forensic Cleaning has a team of specialised Deceased Estate Clean Up technicians on hand to help alleviate some of the stresses involved in these difficult situations. Sydney Forensic Cleaning works with families, individuals and executor of wills to mitigate you of all physical and emotional work involved in a deceased estate. We can have the premises organised and vacated to your requirements, whether it is for sale, rental or bond retrieval.


Tips for Dealing with a Deceased Estate Clean Up in Sydney

First and foremost, find out who has an interest in the deceased estate.

Before you start tossing things into skips or carting it off to charities, make sure you know whom you have to check with first. The reading of the will usually happens soon after the funeral that this will give you the information you need. If you’re unsure, seek legal advice.


Remove anything you, or others, want to keep

Photo albums, special jewellery or a favourite rug. Whatever it is, make sure you locate it and remove it from the house first, to avoid it going missing or getting damaged. Chances are you’ll find other things as you go along, but start with what you know. Remove, or tag, anything that may be valuable and you want to sell.


Hire Sydney Forensic Cleaning Professionals

deceased estate clean ups sydney

Sydney Forensic Cleaning will manage the clearing and cleaning of the deceased estate with the flexibility to tailor our services to suit your needs

Sydney Forensic Cleaning technicians understand that after the initial shock and grief of loosing a family member or loved one subsides, the realisation that there is a lot of work and contents to dispose of becomes apparent. Providing compassionate deceased estate clearance across Sydney and New South Wales, Sydney Forensic Cleaning we will manage the clearing and cleaning of the deceased estate with the flexibility to tailor our services to suit your needs. Executors and beneficiaries benefit from our experience and personal service.


Check with local charities what they want

Depending on whether your main aim is to make money or simply to clear everything out, you may decide to do this before hiring Sydney Forensic Cleaning Deceased Estate Specialists technicians. Often local charities will actually send a couple of people and a truck to do a walk-around of the house and let you know which items they will be able to re-home.


Why Choose Sydney Forensic Cleaning for your Deceased Estate Clean Up Requirements

Sydney Forensic Cleaners pride ourselves on providing the superior service we are known for. The team at Sydney Forensic Cleaning understand the importance of discretion and professionalism and all of our staff have been trained to ensure that our work is conducted in an appropriate manner to ensure the minimum disruption while delivering a first class forensic cleaning service. To arrange your free no obligation quotation, simply contact Sydney Forensic Cleaning and one of our friendly team will ensure that you get the forensic cleaning service you need at the most competitive price.

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